S T R A T I C Space / S T R A T I C Erdvė

Das Vegas

Audio/video Performance and Exhibition

6.00 p.m., 4 August 2016

Architecture Gallery Nulinis laipsnis (_0*)

The art project by the Lithuanian artist Das Vegas presented at the gallery Nulinis laipsnis is an audio/video performance of electronic art, called S T R A T I C Space. It exposes the links between two inseparable substances – an image and sound –which by their interaction generate the reality of visual and sound layers and spatial phenomena. In this project, by the cinematographic dimension and expression, the two medias are connected together in the filming process of pulsating light source. The effect of synesthesia, when sound can be seen, and an image – heard, is reached in the project. The S T R A T I C Space is an architectural installation, and during the opening event of the exhibition becomes a stage for the live S T R A T I C performance.

The S T R A T I C Project and STRATA movie are two related projects. At present, the STRATA film takes part in the FILE festival of electronic art, held in Sao Paulo (Brazil), and is displayed on the local skyscraper’s façade, where the art center is located. Back last winter, the S T R A T I C was used to illuminate the glazed dome of Dome of Visions in Stockholm projecting the images on the snow layer outside from the inside of the building. Both projects were also exhibited at the ISEA 2016, electronic art symposium, Hong Kong, CHI’16 Interactive Con exhibition, California, Reactor Hall exhibition space, Stockholm, ACE’15 Conference in Malaysia, DKTUS art space, Stockholm, festival Art’s Birthday, held in Södra Theatre, Stockholm, and a travelling exhibition in Sweden.

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