S T R A T I C space

S T R A T I C space / S T R A T I C erdvė

Artist Das Vegas

Audio/video performance and exhibition

2016.08.04  6pm.

Architecture gallery “Nulinis laipsnis” (_0*), Vilnius, Lithuania

The project S T R A T I C  is an audiovisual performance of Lithuanian artist Das Vegas. The S T R A T I C audiovisual project[1] is based on the phenomenon that occurs when filming a pulsating light – lines appear on the screen.

The S T R A T I C project is concerned with the limits of human senses at those edges where the boundaries dissolve. In the audiovisual performance, both the audio and the visuals work together – to create evocative and extreme experiences. The project explores the interplay of the sensed and the actuated in interactive media expressions as well as the aesthetic properties of analog and digital transformations formed by limitations and qualities of various forms of sensing apparatus.

The exhibition “S T R A T I C space” concerns with architecture and with aspects of materiality at the intersection of the analog and the digital.

The project incorporates a complex tool (both software and hardware) to control the light in order to create evocative and extreme experiences. Both combined analog and digital interfaces will be employed. The artist together with engineer designers Anders Lundström and Andreas Eriksson developed the instrument.

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[1] www.stratic.net